NO. 15 - Have Fun With Me: Spend Time With The OP Bandits

From L to R: Charlie, Frankie, Ian, James, Sean

From L to R: Charlie, Frankie, Ian, James, Sean

Some people say you'll meet your best friends in college...and I'm not someone to disagree with that and I'm not opposed to finding friends at any moment in life. But sometimes people are lucky enough to maintain friends they have had since their childhood. I consider myself one of those very lucky people.

This past week and half I've been able to spend 100% of my time with the same childhood group of friends that really showed me at a young age what real friendship is all about. I know a video won't do it justice but I took a compilation of random things throughout our weekend trip to San Diego and couldn't stop smiling when I paired them with a few of the songs we played non stop for a week and a half. I felt so at home when these boys where here, and that was so cool since we were half way across the country from where all our original shenanigans took place. One thing I really learned this week was that when you're with people that really like you just because they like you - a lot of your worries subside and all you can think about is laughing, supporting, having fun, and making memories. I hope you guys smile at least once, and enjoy this very special video:

Starring The OP Bandits

Sean Mallers (known since 8th grade), Charlie Foreman (known since 9th grade), James Davidson (known since 8th grade), Frankie Picchiotti (known since 1st grade), Livvie Pickren (known since 8th grade), Megan Batoon.

No. 14 - Watch With Me : Jillian Meyers & Hozier create: “Work Song”

I’ve been very inspired recently by the amount of opportunity that has been offered to a lot of starving artists that are hungry for a chance to show that we are in fact capable of stepping up to the plate and  hitting it out of the park. Yes, I am aware of all the different things that sentence tried to be…but I’m just THAT overwhelmed with some of the cool things in the world these days. When I was a kid growing up I started to see that the higher you climb the ladder of success the harder and harder it gets towards the top. But it was only in the past couple years I’ve realized that there really isn’t a top - the top is when you are so completely consumed in happiness of what you are creating that you don’t know what’s up, down, left, or right.

But I can say one thing that is definitely right…Jillian Meyers and her collaboration with “Take Me to Church” artist Hozier. Jillian actually told me about the beginning of this project while we touched base on a Pulse On Tour job and I couldn’t have been happier to see everything she talked about come to fruition.

From my understanding via…internet…and real words from Jillian’s mouth, Jillian was a fan of Hozier’s work going awhile back and when you like someone’s work and feel inspired there is no better thing to do than create. In the short version of this story Jillian went on to create this amazing original video hoping to grasp the eye of the artist himself while also inspiring the rest of the world (by default of it being awesome) and posting it on youtube.

Sure enough, (as if you didn’t see this coming by this point) magical internet things happened and Jillian had the amazing opportunity to closely collaborate and recreate her amazing original piece for the OFFICIAL video of the same song with Hozier himself.

Hopefully this inspires a bunch of you guys out there as much as it inspired me. And hopefully this inspires you to use the technology we are fortunate enough to have for cool things. Go out there and get creative! Thanks Jillian for the inspiration, the cast and crew that probably pulled this together for way less money than you’d think, and to a great artist like Hozier for recognizing other art and talent out there. Also a big shout out to my boy Jack Mackenzie for killing this video with Jillian, known you for so long man and it's so great to see your talent being recognized by so many people - love you my very sweetly British friend.

Jillian Meyers

Twitter / Youtube

No. 13 - Listen With Me: Wale "The Album About Nothing"

This album has grown crazy amounts on me over the span of only 2 listens. I was originally UNBELIEVABLY intrigued by the concept because I love Jerry Seinfeld both as a comedian and from his phenomenal 90's classic show (Seinfeld co-written with Larry David), and of course I love hip hop music. However, I wouldn't go as far as to say I wasn't a fan of Wale, but I had never really given his music the amount of listening it required to fully determine whether I loved his music or not. I definitely loved some of his stand outs when I heard them, like "Nike Boots" but I just wasn't well knowledged on his library to know right from the first listen whether I fully endorsed this album or not. Upon giving it a couple rounds of airplane listens and long drive listens I have fully made my decision that I love this album.

Back to the concept, Wale and Jerry became friends after Wale's mixtape a few years ago called The Mixtape About Nothing and it included sound bites from Seinfeld similar to this album HOWEVER, this album actually is cosigned by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld's actual presence in new recordings on the album as well as sound bites from the show. The titling of the album is titled just as the show is, every track & show title beginning with "The _____" and the artwork is inspired/borrowed from the original Seinfeld artwork. If you're wondering who's feet those are alongside Wale's in the album cover, yes they are Jerry's. 

Jerry has been up to some pretty cool stuff lately like his web show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, collaborations with Miranda Sings, and even performing a brilliant new condensed set on a talk show, but this takes the cake, you can even watch some of the actual recordings of Jerry in the studio with Wale on Wale's Youtube:

Now to speak on the music itself, I came around so fast to the album in a big way due to the actual music of the album being good and not just the lyricism, a lot of hip hop albums get listened to only a few times by me 'cause if I'm not really digging the production of the music I don't feel I need to listen to it over and over. Also the story line of this album is great, not in the way that it tells a whole long linear story but in the way that you feel it is so well packaged and presented as is, when you finish it you feel no need to go back and listen to only specific tracks when you could just put the whole thing on again. I do need to keep listening more though because every time I really catch some of Wale's punchlines they are pretty dope, but I feel that sometimes I lose what he's saying due to the style of his execution as a rapper. However, I'm actually okay with it because it makes his style that much more original, besides-that's what we have rap genius for.

If you enjoy the cross collaboration of different types of artist that's been happening a lot in this generation as much as I do, I really hope you like this album as much as I did. Stuff like this is the way of the future.


No 12. Watch With Me - Trevor Takemoto

Bonnaroo 2014

Bonnaroo 2014

As you can tell I'm really big on paying attention to things that are great BEFORE they are popular. Anyone can just like something once everyone is already telling them its great but seeing a seed growing into a fully blossoming flower takes commitment. And I think I've done a pretty good job with taking this dude under my wing. This is part 'happy birthday' post and also part 'go watch his newest video and tell your friends about him before they're telling YOU about him a couple years from now' Going back three years I've been training this dude pretty hard but I would never imagine taking all the credit for the things coming his way now. He has trained VERY hard for many years all over the country under every choreographer you can think of and has absorbed it all like the lil sponge he is. haha. If you pay close attention you can catch him for the first time in one of my videos going back to last year when I did "Berzerk" by Eminem. But he has already grown IMMENSELY since then and I'm so happy he's getting some of the recognition he deserves while also staying hungry for the future.

So go watch his journey - and stay tuned. Three years ago he was just another student taking my class, that could be you too. So start hustling!

Trevor Takemoto

Twitter : @trevortakemoto

Instagram: @trevortakemoto


No. 11: Laugh With Me - Kyle Mooney


The internet is obviously constantly full of cool things and also weird things and a lot of other crap. However, every once in awhile you stumble across something that is amazing and of course you wonder:  why isn’t this on tv? Why isn’t this in movies? Why doesn’t everyone know about this? And the cool thing I’ve found out about the internet is that if you become a fan of a thing or person that is really great at what they do, and has a true passion for it, more often than not you will probably get to watch that person’s entire rise to fame or success as they continue on throughout their career. Kyle Mooney is a great example of that, before I even got a chance to work with him and his Good Neighbor co-horts a few years back I had already stumbled across their purposefully character driven low/production videos that were so viscerally captivating I thought…these guys are gunna be doing some great things some day. Low and behold Kyle is now a cast member along with other Good Neighbor-ist Beck. Couldn’t be happier for these guys because they most certainly deserve it. But even cooler than them being on the actual show, we are able to see some of the sketches or video stylings they would do for themselves now on the huge scale and platform of SNL. I wanted to make this post because this is actually one of my favorite things Kyle used to upload which is his interviewing…If you’re a fan of awkward stumbling through words and sentences…you’ll be hitting the replay button on both of these quite a few times. Congrats Kyle on all your success…it was great then, and it’s still great now. 


Who would have thought being awkward was such a skill set…The ability to break down all sentence structure in these videos is pure genius. Hope you enjoyed, and if you want more Kyle you can watch some of his classics on his or Good Neighbor’s youtube, and if you wanna watch me teaching him and his comedy troupe how to dance search for our names together on youtube...haha good times.


Kyle's Twitter: @KyleMooney

GoodNeighbor's Youtube:

Kyle's Youtube:

No. 10: Learn With Me - Cinematography Workshop

If you watched and are a fan of my most recent video (first video off of my dance mixtape) and Megan Batoon's last dance video that I directed than you are automatically a fan of Jon Shih and Gerald Nonato. These guys have been making quite the impact and buzz with both their quantity and most importantly quality of their work. And lucky you (if you live in the California area) they are going to be teaching a cinematography workshop where you can learn a ton of things on the more technical end of what makes our videos look so great. 

Seriously if you have the time I would highly recommend going to learn something, even if you are just a dancer or choreographer, as many people have no idea what it takes to learn how to properly produce professional quality content.

The more I become a serious film maker the more I realize that if you want anything done correctly its not only twice as hard but probably 50,000 times as hard to do it the right way instead of settling and thinking whatever you can get is cool. But more often than not - all the stress and possibility of turning premature grey will all be worth it. Knowledge is power and the more you have the better off you will be. So go check this out if you get the chance.

No. 9: Listen With Me - Raury

Huge fan of this dude recently - first found out about him when he did a radio tour (as I am subscribed to all the radio stations for interviews on youtube like Sway & Hot97)and thought he was dope so I gave him a a listen. After finding a couple fly different remixes (two of which I went on to dance to), I downloaded his free mixtape "Indigo Child" and was pretty blown away. For the first couple months this tape was out I listened to it in full pretty much everyday.

Raury's sound varies from being very hip hop on songs like "Woodcrest Manor" to at times very worldly and organic like "Superfly" and "God's Whisper" (his biggest single push). The concept of the mixtape is cool - Raury is basically arguing with his Mom about his lifestyle and they are talking at cross purposes as Raury is just explaining that he's young and ready for anything but his Mom is claiming that he's not as ready as he thinks he is and that his number one support system will always be his Mom. I found this to be a pretty relatable subject for myself personally as well as any teenager gearing up to become an adult. So click the album artwork to go download the mixtape if you're in to some of the things I listed above, I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Couldn't even believe this dude was only 18...also he always wears a safari that's cool.

I will definitely be posting a fully produced video of one of his remixes later at some point this year but in the mean time here's a freestyle I did going back a few months that you probably completely missed even if you spend time searching my videos.

The version I'm dancing to above is the Flosstradamus Remix of Raury's "God's Whisper"

(and I just found out Flosstradamus is from Chicago so...that's tight.)


No. 8: Travel With Me - Melbourne, Australia (Coffeeshop Chronicles)

Today we have yet another dual post. This post is going to be not only about my amazing time in Australia over the weekend (it sounds funny typing out that I had an over the weekend trip to Australia but I really did) but also Melbourne's shockingly amazing amount of superb coffeeshops. First, meet my friend/organizer/British fella/Melbourne coffeeshop tour guide, Josh Ricketts:


Me & Josh go back four years ago when he ran both his first and my first workshops in the UK. Saying they were a success would be an understatement; four years later this awesome guy has brought his company all the way to Australia for some workshops.

I remember Josh telling me coffeeshops in Melbourne were amazing but I SERIOUSLY underestimated his gauge of what amazing coffeeshops meant. Seriously. First we stopped at Auction Rooms (quite possibly my favorite we stopped at) right after I hopped off the plane (quite possibly my favorite because I was going to expire right on the road if I didn't have a coffee immediately). Expect me to say the phrase "Excellent coffee & excellent ambiance" a lot in this post.

Auction Rooms

After having such a great time catching up with Josh I wanted to stay longer but Josh said we had more places to go, I didn't realize until a little later that the "more places to go" were endless amount of coffee shops with great ambiance, great coffee, great food, and overall extra sprinkles of greatness. The coffeeshop culture is very interesting here though because, everywhere has the same things within in the coffee shop - every waitress sits you down with the same style of a  medical-brown-prescription looking glass pitcher of water with two small glasses and a really well designed single paged menu. Everywhere has amazing art work within their cappuccino milk. And I loved the styling of every restaurant. All different different details yet within the same vein. We went to 7 coffee shops in 3 days. Yes, that's coffee twice a day - I think my blood toxicity is mostly caffeine at this point...but it was well worth it. Here are some of the shops:


Top Paddock

Code Black

0kay okay okay, I know you get the point...and theres more but instead of torturing you with more amazing coffee pictures I'm gunna leave it up for you to go there and try it for yourself...(if you just so happen to have the time and money to fly all the way to Melbourne, Australia just to try coffee).  But hopefully you guys enjoyed this post, Australia pt II post coming soon.


Ian Anthony Eastwood

Photography By: Ian Eastwood

No. 7 - Laugh With Me: Jerrod Carmichael

Starting a segment in which I talk about things that make me laugh. Warning: I  fully understand everyone has a different sense of humor, and mine is very particular. However, all the more reason to share my finds with you all. First off is a great friend of mine and Megan's, Jerrod Carmichael. If you've been paying attention to my twitter feed over the last year you will have noticed a bunch of different tweets of mine saying to get into this full time phenomenal person who also happens to be a comedian.

I met Jerrod via social media sometime last year when I surprised Megan on a date to see our other favorite comedian Aziz Ansari. It was my first time actually being to a stand up show after all the years I've actually watched stand up and the first person to start the show was Jerrod. I didn't really know how comedy shows worked and that we were lucky enough to get not only Aziz but several other comedian's as well that night. I couldn't have been MORE impressed with how unique Jerrod's style was and how subtle, yet off the cuff and relatable he was as a stand up. Definitely something I hadn't seen before. After tweeting him at around this time last year, I'm sure he was confused as to who was tweeting him so he looked me up and told me he loved my work and to come along to any shows of his in LA in the future. I IMMEDIATELY TOOK HIM UP ON THIS OFFER. haha. Who wouldn't want to see awesome live stand up on days that would otherwise just be normal days?! Anyway we got to see Jerrod a couple times and after months and months of scheduling issues we now have routine breakfast hangouts every couple weeks (Instantly a great friendship due to the shared love of breakfast).

After feeling lucky enough to pick at Jerrod's brain for hours about comedy, I think one thing to know about his mindset is that his goal is to relate to people whether they sign on with what he's saying or not. He says things that we all may think, or may have thought to ourselves but never wanted to say before because its not politically correct. Barriers is not a word in Jerrod's vocabulary. Whatever you think stand up is, watching a set from Jerrod will change everything about the guidelines you think all comedians follow.

So keep your eye out for all the great things this super talented young comedian has on the horizon. Recently he has been in the movie Neighbors, Debuted his amazing HBO stand up Love At The Store special in October, and has an upcoming TV show on the horizon. So check him out and laugh with me.

Jerrod Carmichael - @NotriousROD

No. 6: Still Blending In The Good

I may have discovered the new best feeling after returning home from a long day of travel...and that is a mysterious white box with a Jamba Juice logo on it.

If you remember back a couple months ago I did a campaign with Jamba Juice revolving around their tag line "Blend in the Good". For some reason everyone could only say blend in the good, so after taking a sip of Jamba Juice, and dancing it out a little bit, I finally understood why:

Anyway, I was intrigued cause that was quite awhile ago and was curious as to why I would have this package. Regardless I opened it up to find a thoughtfully handwritten card, a mason jar bottle (can't go wrong with anything mason jar), a gift card, & a pair of headphones in a beautiful Jamba Juice embossed box with the clever smoothie based pun "Feel The Beet":

Basically all I'm trying to say is thank you to Jamba Juice for this wonderful 'lil surprise at my doorstep - I can't wait to use everyth-blend in the good. Blend in the good - blend in the good, blend in the good.


Inthe Good.

Photography By: Ian Eastwood

No. 5: The Coffee Shop Chronicles - Wormhole (Chicago, IL)

Let me start off by saying that while I lived in Chicago I never knew this place existed but if I DID I would have gone here everyday after school to do my homework. If you like good coffee, comfy couches tucked away from the harsh Chicago winter, and everything that falls under the broad category of Nerd-dom this is this the place where you’re going to want to spend most of your time.

Me and my old man found ourselves in Wicker Park with about 45 minutes to kill so instead of schlepping into the closest Starbucks we decided to see what was brewing (see what I did there) elsewhere in the area. So we took to our trusty friend Yelp and within three seconds of seeing the first picture for this place I already decided where we were going regardless of how good the coffee is…that’s saying a lot coming from a semi coffee snob. But maybe if you get a visual for yourself you’ll understand: 

That's right - you aren't seeing things, thats a full DeLorian decked out A La Back To The Future 2 (the one where it flies to the year 2015...hmmmmm). I couldn't believe it myself. However, this is only the beginning; the entire place is completely decked out head to toe in things that make you reminisce your childhood (depending on your age). To the left of the entrance is Wormhole merchandise along with tons of trinkets, there are retro movie posters everywhere, an old school tv complete with nintendo system and cartridges, the sugar containers are Star Wars character heads, there's even a toy Millennium Falcon (that I wanted my whole childhood) just hanging there on the wall like it's art instead of the coolest toy I never had. Okay okay, before I start sounding too nerdy I'll let some photos speak for themselves on how cool this place is:

They even had their own 'Ian' (By own 'Ian' I mean they have an employee named Ian that awkwardly thought my Dad was calling for him instead of me. Anyway, I couldn't have imagined picking a betterplace to finish up my shot list for my video the next day. 

My Dad got some tea in a super random Hello Kitty mug and I got a double shot cappuccino for under 5 bucks. Oh and I forgot to mention…IT WAS PHENOMENAL:

So if you’re in the Chi and need somewhere to take a load off, stop by WormHole Coffee.

Photography By: Ian Eastwood

No. 4: Grubadubhub

Hey there and happy Monday! I gotta say there are a lot of reasons I liked Garfield but one thing we didn't see eye to eye on (especially cause he's a cat and I'm human so I'm much taller than him...and he is a comic strip) is his never ending hatred for Mondays. I never minded Monday 'cause it always felt like a mini "happy new year!" moment that you get to have 50 somethin' times a year. 

Wow - time to get to the point, Monday digressions am I right? This blog post is about a super interesting app I found out about a couple years ago. Now trust me, I'm the first person when I hear about an app to say "why would I ever download that or need that" but right from the beginning when I heard about this I thought it was dope. It's an app called GRUBHUB. To explain it best I'll use an equation: Ordering delivery x Uber / calling a taxi = Grub Hub. (and if you don't like math it means: it's ordering food to your house from an app like you order an uber instead of calling a cab or in this case calling for delivery food). Therefore it is automatically on my list of awesome things. 

The design is great & everything flows really well on this app - you can sort out restaurants like yelp by: rating/distance/if its open/delivery or pickup etc. Sometimes I noticed the designers making jokes if theres an error like, "whoops! *insert some clever food based pun*" and I think its really CHEESY but I laugh anyway. You can store your credit cards and even tip in advance so all you do is sign for your order when it comes to your door. They even have a "Where's my food?" function and you can see how far along your order is. They also have a "past orders" tab so you can be finished with your order in a swift couple of finger taps if you know what you want.

However there are a couple things I have to stress about this app so I don't get a bunch of upset tweets. Grubhub Advice 101: Company was started in Chicago so it is run most efficiently here, Grubhub doesn't represent all of the takeout restaurants in the area only the ones that have a Grubhub account...for example I almost never use this app in my LA home, Grubhub sometimes has a delivery minimum so sometimes you find yourself ordering extra stuff you don't want but are getting to fill the that point its best to just call and order off the phone because usually the minimum is lower over the phone (Grubhub is essentially a third party taking place in a business transaction therefore restaurant owners like to cut this out if they can), sometimes the delivery estimate takes much longer than if you call, sometimes it's much sooner than it says too.

Wow, that sounded like the side effects they say really fast at the end of commercials haha. But for real a lot of times its TRULY worth it. As you can see - today - I devoured an entire small pizza by myself from the LEGENDARY pizza place named DiNico's of Berwyn, IL (right outside of my town Oak Park) .

This is mostly only legendary to a small group of my friends because we would drive up to it on our lunch breaks in high school and buy 1/4 of an entire pizza and a drink for only $4.25. Prices have gone up since then and for some reason my friends and I have never been able to figure out why the delivery has a much thinner crust than the 'by the slice' pizza BUT both are flame. I can still remember a lil 14 or 15 year old version of myself running in there and scarfing down a bunch of pizza and eating the rest in the car on the way back to class...usually getting to my next class within seconds of the bell. I still go here with my friends now when I'm home...and of course when I don't have a ride but have a craving I'm really grateful for Grubhub...even though I think the name "Grubadubhub" would be way more tight. 

P.s. None of my friends have ever figured out why they give you a big liter of RC with every order...local unsolved mystery I guess.

From my home to your electronic devices,

Ian Anthony Eastwood.

No. 3: Chromeo for the Vinh

Happy Wednesday everyone! This blog is going to be not only one but TWO amazing things. The former thing being an amazing completely underrated musical group and the latter being an amazing choreographer making a big name for himself.


I first heard this group a few years ago when they came out with their single "Fancy Footwork" and got excited about them but then didn't hear anything from them for awhile. Eventually they debuted their new album White Women spring of last year and it COMPLETELY flew under the radar besides their breakout single "Jealous" but if you are interested in music that makes you want to get up and dance and makes your speakers bleed funk juice ("funk juice" not being a gross term but rather synonym for pure musical awesomeness) then Chromeo is the group for you...also their album cover is amazing.


Their tracks range from nostalgic 80's vibes like "Old 45's" to throw back funk style tracks like "Come Alive", "Sexy Socialite", & "Fall Back to You" featuring Dave 1's vocals & P-thugg on the talk box (quite possibly the greatest sound ever if you're influenced by poppers such as myself) making us reminisce the great talk box stylings of Roger Troutman & Zapp. I found this great BTS video of their new album and thought their process was super interesting.


Is there a Ian Eastwood x Chromeo choreography cover in the future? I'm very sure of it...just not sure when its coming haha. They're definitely on my list of artists I want to work with as it seems they love dancing in all their videos. In the meantime keep your eye out for the film "Breaking Through" coming out this year...I choreographed the film and it features a Chuck Inglish x Chromeo song called "Legs" (Sorry for the plug -GET BACK TO THE POINT IAN.). The album opens with their biggest single "Jealous" which I see as the perfect pop/funk blend. (This is me seamlessly bringing you into my next section of the blog.)


I've been a fan now of Vinh Nguyen for years, I first got introduced to him when another favorite choreographer of mine Keone Madrid would feature him in videos as a dancer - eventually I found his choreography and became an instant fan. Over the years we have been able to hang out a bit and teach a few times on the road together and I have to say, not only is he super talented but an incredibly humble artist that has great energy and not a mean or selfish bone in his body.

When I saw him post an instagram clip of his choreo to "Jealous" I was both super pumped to see the rest and (no I'm not going to say 'Jealous') pissed 'cause I wanted to do the song and now knew I couldn't haha.

Of course when Vinh finally posted the video I was most definitely not disappointed, in fact the reason I keep going on about it is because I don't very often find myself repeat-viewing dance videos and I know for a fact I've returned to the video at least 4 or 5 times at this point. The video is great on all bases; it is shot really well by the Kinjaz team leaving me completely impressed, and it features some really great dancers: Pat Cruz, Anthony Lee, Mike Song, Ben Chung, Jawn Ha, Mike Fal etc., and the story wasn't trying to be too artsy or overbearing it was just plain old FUN.

Interestingly enough, I started re-listening to the album after watching Vinh's video and that immediately lead to this twitter exchange:







And upon their reply, I decided to check if they had posted anything interesting lately and discovered they posted Vinh's video! Which lead to this:





In conclusion... (yes I'm ending this blog post like a 6th grader) Chromeo is awesome. Vinh is awesome. Add them to your list of awesome things to appreciate.


Vinh : @v1nh -

Chromeo: @chromeo /

No. 2: Buy Art You Like

Have you ever felt you need some decoration 'cause your place looks a little dull? Maybe some artwork...but you don't know the first thing about art. Maybe you'll just print some pictures out and tape them on the wall? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT...don't ever decorate your room like a teenager in a 90's movie...even if you are a teenager don't decorate your room like one.

My parents always told me that a home needs art and also that its usually a pretty good investment. But we still have a problem, what's good affordable art to decorate your home with? The answer is LOCAL ART/THE INTERNET. We live in new age filled with tons of accessible great artists right at our fingertips or around the corner. Of course I would love to buy a beautiful several thousand dollar oil painting but I don't have expendable amounts of cash like that OR an artist that I'm really that interested in buying from other than my dad...(who's too busy at the moment to be doing paintings but he's THE BEST...yes I'm biased but also right). So instead I've kept my eyes open lately at my very favorite coffee shop in LA SteamPunk Cafe (expect a full article on this place soon) because there is always lots of local art constantly changing - eventually after feeling like an idiot for a few months I realized that people were actually BUYING this art, imagine that - the little stickers with numbers in the corner were prices this whole time! haha.

So today I bought my first piece of art - I started noticing this artist's work here the last few times I popped into the coffee shop because its a great blend of modern things people like in a beautiful old school silhouette style. The piece I bought is the Bounty Hunter from Star Wars.

I'm super excited for two reasons: 1 - it's awesome because its classy but also reflecting something I've loved since my childhood 2 -It only cost me $20! It is just a print not the original but obviously this is still super awesome and affordable. The artist has a Facebook page Silhouettes By Jordan and he has lots of other great prints you can grab; from my memory I've seen some Avenger Prints, Frankenstein, Rudolph Characters, Guardian's of the Galaxy, of course more Star Wars - the list goes on. From the looks of his page you can also commission him for originals of family members, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends etc. So check him out, cool stuff Jordan - Can't wait to put this up!


p.s. - So happy so many people already seem to be enjoying this lil blog, been wanting to do this for a super long time and I'm really happy you all are supportive.


Have a good day,

Ian Eastwood.

No. 1: Rosewood Tavern & 50 First Jokes 2015

Here we go - blog entry no. 1 starting...NOW.

Had a day off in LA so we took a trip over to the Sunday flea market in Hollywood - just in time for it to be closing as we disappointedly pulled up. So we made the best of it and relied on the world's best app when you have no idea what to do/are stranded (Yelp). We found a burger place relatively cool & trendy looking...also it was only .5 miles away. Side note, I feel like outside of math class the verbal use of decimals has drastically increased since google maps and Yelp were invented. 

Anyway, we found the burger place and parked but got distracted by the much less trendy and much more aesthetically pleasing Rosewood TavernWe immediately abandoned our previous plan and also forgot it existed after poking our head in and seeing the menu.

We had a wonderful waitress and we happened to be there just in time for happy hour. Megan had some kind of brussels sprout & bacon appetizer which I was not interested in but she raved about, and I ordered some kind of mac & cheese with bacon as well - AMAZING. For our main course we split the Fish & chips which were great but should have eaten first cause it got a little cold...we were distracted by good tasting bacon things. Our drinks were also amazing. All I remember is mine having rosemary and citrus and lavender and now that I type this out it sounds really girly but hey I thought it was great.

Next we moved on to the grand finale which was a comedy event Megan bought us tickets to called "50 First Jokes LA 2015". It was hosted at The Roosevelt hotel which interesting place. I'm not sure how I felt about it but one of the comedians described it accurately as, "It's like the Pirate's of the Caribbean opened up a bank" haha. 

The set up was very conference center-y. It probably felt that way 'cause we were in a conference a hotel...sitting on conference center chairs - but it was fun! First of all they already had me sold on the event cause I could check in with passbook on my iPhone. Win.

Anyway, we had a great time - it was really interesting to see FIFTY comedians all tell only ONE joke and see how different everyone's style of comedy was; as well as their varying levels of confidence, preparation, & volume. haha. I even got to see a friend of mine Nick Rutherford...anyone remember my episodes of Dance Showdown with his comedy troupe "Good Neighbor"?

But the night didn't end! One of the last comedians to go was none other than BJ NOVAK! If you don't know who that is not only is he "Ryan" from The Office (the greatest show ever) but he's a really amazing writer and producer and phenomenally talented human...good thing I didn't end my night without having a super awkward head nod exchange with him. 


...I got too nervous okay?...sue me.


Ian Anthony Eastwood.