No. 4: Grubadubhub

Hey there and happy Monday! I gotta say there are a lot of reasons I liked Garfield but one thing we didn't see eye to eye on (especially cause he's a cat and I'm human so I'm much taller than him...and he is a comic strip) is his never ending hatred for Mondays. I never minded Monday 'cause it always felt like a mini "happy new year!" moment that you get to have 50 somethin' times a year. 

Wow - time to get to the point, Monday digressions am I right? This blog post is about a super interesting app I found out about a couple years ago. Now trust me, I'm the first person when I hear about an app to say "why would I ever download that or need that" but right from the beginning when I heard about this I thought it was dope. It's an app called GRUBHUB. To explain it best I'll use an equation: Ordering delivery x Uber / calling a taxi = Grub Hub. (and if you don't like math it means: it's ordering food to your house from an app like you order an uber instead of calling a cab or in this case calling for delivery food). Therefore it is automatically on my list of awesome things. 

The design is great & everything flows really well on this app - you can sort out restaurants like yelp by: rating/distance/if its open/delivery or pickup etc. Sometimes I noticed the designers making jokes if theres an error like, "whoops! *insert some clever food based pun*" and I think its really CHEESY but I laugh anyway. You can store your credit cards and even tip in advance so all you do is sign for your order when it comes to your door. They even have a "Where's my food?" function and you can see how far along your order is. They also have a "past orders" tab so you can be finished with your order in a swift couple of finger taps if you know what you want.

However there are a couple things I have to stress about this app so I don't get a bunch of upset tweets. Grubhub Advice 101: Company was started in Chicago so it is run most efficiently here, Grubhub doesn't represent all of the takeout restaurants in the area only the ones that have a Grubhub account...for example I almost never use this app in my LA home, Grubhub sometimes has a delivery minimum so sometimes you find yourself ordering extra stuff you don't want but are getting to fill the that point its best to just call and order off the phone because usually the minimum is lower over the phone (Grubhub is essentially a third party taking place in a business transaction therefore restaurant owners like to cut this out if they can), sometimes the delivery estimate takes much longer than if you call, sometimes it's much sooner than it says too.

Wow, that sounded like the side effects they say really fast at the end of commercials haha. But for real a lot of times its TRULY worth it. As you can see - today - I devoured an entire small pizza by myself from the LEGENDARY pizza place named DiNico's of Berwyn, IL (right outside of my town Oak Park) .

This is mostly only legendary to a small group of my friends because we would drive up to it on our lunch breaks in high school and buy 1/4 of an entire pizza and a drink for only $4.25. Prices have gone up since then and for some reason my friends and I have never been able to figure out why the delivery has a much thinner crust than the 'by the slice' pizza BUT both are flame. I can still remember a lil 14 or 15 year old version of myself running in there and scarfing down a bunch of pizza and eating the rest in the car on the way back to class...usually getting to my next class within seconds of the bell. I still go here with my friends now when I'm home...and of course when I don't have a ride but have a craving I'm really grateful for Grubhub...even though I think the name "Grubadubhub" would be way more tight. 

P.s. None of my friends have ever figured out why they give you a big liter of RC with every order...local unsolved mystery I guess.

From my home to your electronic devices,

Ian Anthony Eastwood.