No. 5: The Coffee Shop Chronicles - Wormhole (Chicago, IL)

Let me start off by saying that while I lived in Chicago I never knew this place existed but if I DID I would have gone here everyday after school to do my homework. If you like good coffee, comfy couches tucked away from the harsh Chicago winter, and everything that falls under the broad category of Nerd-dom this is this the place where you’re going to want to spend most of your time.

Me and my old man found ourselves in Wicker Park with about 45 minutes to kill so instead of schlepping into the closest Starbucks we decided to see what was brewing (see what I did there) elsewhere in the area. So we took to our trusty friend Yelp and within three seconds of seeing the first picture for this place I already decided where we were going regardless of how good the coffee is…that’s saying a lot coming from a semi coffee snob. But maybe if you get a visual for yourself you’ll understand: 

That's right - you aren't seeing things, thats a full DeLorian decked out A La Back To The Future 2 (the one where it flies to the year 2015...hmmmmm). I couldn't believe it myself. However, this is only the beginning; the entire place is completely decked out head to toe in things that make you reminisce your childhood (depending on your age). To the left of the entrance is Wormhole merchandise along with tons of trinkets, there are retro movie posters everywhere, an old school tv complete with nintendo system and cartridges, the sugar containers are Star Wars character heads, there's even a toy Millennium Falcon (that I wanted my whole childhood) just hanging there on the wall like it's art instead of the coolest toy I never had. Okay okay, before I start sounding too nerdy I'll let some photos speak for themselves on how cool this place is:

They even had their own 'Ian' (By own 'Ian' I mean they have an employee named Ian that awkwardly thought my Dad was calling for him instead of me. Anyway, I couldn't have imagined picking a betterplace to finish up my shot list for my video the next day. 

My Dad got some tea in a super random Hello Kitty mug and I got a double shot cappuccino for under 5 bucks. Oh and I forgot to mention…IT WAS PHENOMENAL:

So if you’re in the Chi and need somewhere to take a load off, stop by WormHole Coffee.

Photography By: Ian Eastwood