No. 6: Still Blending In The Good

I may have discovered the new best feeling after returning home from a long day of travel...and that is a mysterious white box with a Jamba Juice logo on it.

If you remember back a couple months ago I did a campaign with Jamba Juice revolving around their tag line "Blend in the Good". For some reason everyone could only say blend in the good, so after taking a sip of Jamba Juice, and dancing it out a little bit, I finally understood why:

Anyway, I was intrigued cause that was quite awhile ago and was curious as to why I would have this package. Regardless I opened it up to find a thoughtfully handwritten card, a mason jar bottle (can't go wrong with anything mason jar), a gift card, & a pair of headphones in a beautiful Jamba Juice embossed box with the clever smoothie based pun "Feel The Beet":

Basically all I'm trying to say is thank you to Jamba Juice for this wonderful 'lil surprise at my doorstep - I can't wait to use everyth-blend in the good. Blend in the good - blend in the good, blend in the good.


Inthe Good.

Photography By: Ian Eastwood