No. 7 - Laugh With Me: Jerrod Carmichael

Starting a segment in which I talk about things that make me laugh. Warning: I  fully understand everyone has a different sense of humor, and mine is very particular. However, all the more reason to share my finds with you all. First off is a great friend of mine and Megan's, Jerrod Carmichael. If you've been paying attention to my twitter feed over the last year you will have noticed a bunch of different tweets of mine saying to get into this full time phenomenal person who also happens to be a comedian.

I met Jerrod via social media sometime last year when I surprised Megan on a date to see our other favorite comedian Aziz Ansari. It was my first time actually being to a stand up show after all the years I've actually watched stand up and the first person to start the show was Jerrod. I didn't really know how comedy shows worked and that we were lucky enough to get not only Aziz but several other comedian's as well that night. I couldn't have been MORE impressed with how unique Jerrod's style was and how subtle, yet off the cuff and relatable he was as a stand up. Definitely something I hadn't seen before. After tweeting him at around this time last year, I'm sure he was confused as to who was tweeting him so he looked me up and told me he loved my work and to come along to any shows of his in LA in the future. I IMMEDIATELY TOOK HIM UP ON THIS OFFER. haha. Who wouldn't want to see awesome live stand up on days that would otherwise just be normal days?! Anyway we got to see Jerrod a couple times and after months and months of scheduling issues we now have routine breakfast hangouts every couple weeks (Instantly a great friendship due to the shared love of breakfast).

After feeling lucky enough to pick at Jerrod's brain for hours about comedy, I think one thing to know about his mindset is that his goal is to relate to people whether they sign on with what he's saying or not. He says things that we all may think, or may have thought to ourselves but never wanted to say before because its not politically correct. Barriers is not a word in Jerrod's vocabulary. Whatever you think stand up is, watching a set from Jerrod will change everything about the guidelines you think all comedians follow.

So keep your eye out for all the great things this super talented young comedian has on the horizon. Recently he has been in the movie Neighbors, Debuted his amazing HBO stand up Love At The Store special in October, and has an upcoming TV show on the horizon. So check him out and laugh with me.

Jerrod Carmichael - @NotriousROD