No. 8: Travel With Me - Melbourne, Australia (Coffeeshop Chronicles)

Today we have yet another dual post. This post is going to be not only about my amazing time in Australia over the weekend (it sounds funny typing out that I had an over the weekend trip to Australia but I really did) but also Melbourne's shockingly amazing amount of superb coffeeshops. First, meet my friend/organizer/British fella/Melbourne coffeeshop tour guide, Josh Ricketts:


Me & Josh go back four years ago when he ran both his first and my first workshops in the UK. Saying they were a success would be an understatement; four years later this awesome guy has brought his company all the way to Australia for some workshops.

I remember Josh telling me coffeeshops in Melbourne were amazing but I SERIOUSLY underestimated his gauge of what amazing coffeeshops meant. Seriously. First we stopped at Auction Rooms (quite possibly my favorite we stopped at) right after I hopped off the plane (quite possibly my favorite because I was going to expire right on the road if I didn't have a coffee immediately). Expect me to say the phrase "Excellent coffee & excellent ambiance" a lot in this post.

Auction Rooms

After having such a great time catching up with Josh I wanted to stay longer but Josh said we had more places to go, I didn't realize until a little later that the "more places to go" were endless amount of coffee shops with great ambiance, great coffee, great food, and overall extra sprinkles of greatness. The coffeeshop culture is very interesting here though because, everywhere has the same things within in the coffee shop - every waitress sits you down with the same style of a  medical-brown-prescription looking glass pitcher of water with two small glasses and a really well designed single paged menu. Everywhere has amazing art work within their cappuccino milk. And I loved the styling of every restaurant. All different different details yet within the same vein. We went to 7 coffee shops in 3 days. Yes, that's coffee twice a day - I think my blood toxicity is mostly caffeine at this point...but it was well worth it. Here are some of the shops:


Top Paddock

Code Black

0kay okay okay, I know you get the point...and theres more but instead of torturing you with more amazing coffee pictures I'm gunna leave it up for you to go there and try it for yourself...(if you just so happen to have the time and money to fly all the way to Melbourne, Australia just to try coffee).  But hopefully you guys enjoyed this post, Australia pt II post coming soon.


Ian Anthony Eastwood

Photography By: Ian Eastwood