No. 1: Rosewood Tavern & 50 First Jokes 2015

Here we go - blog entry no. 1 starting...NOW.

Had a day off in LA so we took a trip over to the Sunday flea market in Hollywood - just in time for it to be closing as we disappointedly pulled up. So we made the best of it and relied on the world's best app when you have no idea what to do/are stranded (Yelp). We found a burger place relatively cool & trendy looking...also it was only .5 miles away. Side note, I feel like outside of math class the verbal use of decimals has drastically increased since google maps and Yelp were invented. 

Anyway, we found the burger place and parked but got distracted by the much less trendy and much more aesthetically pleasing Rosewood TavernWe immediately abandoned our previous plan and also forgot it existed after poking our head in and seeing the menu.

We had a wonderful waitress and we happened to be there just in time for happy hour. Megan had some kind of brussels sprout & bacon appetizer which I was not interested in but she raved about, and I ordered some kind of mac & cheese with bacon as well - AMAZING. For our main course we split the Fish & chips which were great but should have eaten first cause it got a little cold...we were distracted by good tasting bacon things. Our drinks were also amazing. All I remember is mine having rosemary and citrus and lavender and now that I type this out it sounds really girly but hey I thought it was great.

Next we moved on to the grand finale which was a comedy event Megan bought us tickets to called "50 First Jokes LA 2015". It was hosted at The Roosevelt hotel which interesting place. I'm not sure how I felt about it but one of the comedians described it accurately as, "It's like the Pirate's of the Caribbean opened up a bank" haha. 

The set up was very conference center-y. It probably felt that way 'cause we were in a conference a hotel...sitting on conference center chairs - but it was fun! First of all they already had me sold on the event cause I could check in with passbook on my iPhone. Win.

Anyway, we had a great time - it was really interesting to see FIFTY comedians all tell only ONE joke and see how different everyone's style of comedy was; as well as their varying levels of confidence, preparation, & volume. haha. I even got to see a friend of mine Nick Rutherford...anyone remember my episodes of Dance Showdown with his comedy troupe "Good Neighbor"?

But the night didn't end! One of the last comedians to go was none other than BJ NOVAK! If you don't know who that is not only is he "Ryan" from The Office (the greatest show ever) but he's a really amazing writer and producer and phenomenally talented human...good thing I didn't end my night without having a super awkward head nod exchange with him. 


...I got too nervous okay?...sue me.


Ian Anthony Eastwood.