No. 2: Buy Art You Like

Have you ever felt you need some decoration 'cause your place looks a little dull? Maybe some artwork...but you don't know the first thing about art. Maybe you'll just print some pictures out and tape them on the wall? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT...don't ever decorate your room like a teenager in a 90's movie...even if you are a teenager don't decorate your room like one.

My parents always told me that a home needs art and also that its usually a pretty good investment. But we still have a problem, what's good affordable art to decorate your home with? The answer is LOCAL ART/THE INTERNET. We live in new age filled with tons of accessible great artists right at our fingertips or around the corner. Of course I would love to buy a beautiful several thousand dollar oil painting but I don't have expendable amounts of cash like that OR an artist that I'm really that interested in buying from other than my dad...(who's too busy at the moment to be doing paintings but he's THE BEST...yes I'm biased but also right). So instead I've kept my eyes open lately at my very favorite coffee shop in LA SteamPunk Cafe (expect a full article on this place soon) because there is always lots of local art constantly changing - eventually after feeling like an idiot for a few months I realized that people were actually BUYING this art, imagine that - the little stickers with numbers in the corner were prices this whole time! haha.

So today I bought my first piece of art - I started noticing this artist's work here the last few times I popped into the coffee shop because its a great blend of modern things people like in a beautiful old school silhouette style. The piece I bought is the Bounty Hunter from Star Wars.

I'm super excited for two reasons: 1 - it's awesome because its classy but also reflecting something I've loved since my childhood 2 -It only cost me $20! It is just a print not the original but obviously this is still super awesome and affordable. The artist has a Facebook page Silhouettes By Jordan and he has lots of other great prints you can grab; from my memory I've seen some Avenger Prints, Frankenstein, Rudolph Characters, Guardian's of the Galaxy, of course more Star Wars - the list goes on. From the looks of his page you can also commission him for originals of family members, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends etc. So check him out, cool stuff Jordan - Can't wait to put this up!


p.s. - So happy so many people already seem to be enjoying this lil blog, been wanting to do this for a super long time and I'm really happy you all are supportive.


Have a good day,

Ian Eastwood.