No. 11: Laugh With Me - Kyle Mooney


The internet is obviously constantly full of cool things and also weird things and a lot of other crap. However, every once in awhile you stumble across something that is amazing and of course you wonder:  why isn’t this on tv? Why isn’t this in movies? Why doesn’t everyone know about this? And the cool thing I’ve found out about the internet is that if you become a fan of a thing or person that is really great at what they do, and has a true passion for it, more often than not you will probably get to watch that person’s entire rise to fame or success as they continue on throughout their career. Kyle Mooney is a great example of that, before I even got a chance to work with him and his Good Neighbor co-horts a few years back I had already stumbled across their purposefully character driven low/production videos that were so viscerally captivating I thought…these guys are gunna be doing some great things some day. Low and behold Kyle is now a cast member along with other Good Neighbor-ist Beck. Couldn’t be happier for these guys because they most certainly deserve it. But even cooler than them being on the actual show, we are able to see some of the sketches or video stylings they would do for themselves now on the huge scale and platform of SNL. I wanted to make this post because this is actually one of my favorite things Kyle used to upload which is his interviewing…If you’re a fan of awkward stumbling through words and sentences…you’ll be hitting the replay button on both of these quite a few times. Congrats Kyle on all your success…it was great then, and it’s still great now. 


Who would have thought being awkward was such a skill set…The ability to break down all sentence structure in these videos is pure genius. Hope you enjoyed, and if you want more Kyle you can watch some of his classics on his or Good Neighbor’s youtube, and if you wanna watch me teaching him and his comedy troupe how to dance search for our names together on youtube...haha good times.


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