No. 9: Listen With Me - Raury

Huge fan of this dude recently - first found out about him when he did a radio tour (as I am subscribed to all the radio stations for interviews on youtube like Sway & Hot97)and thought he was dope so I gave him a a listen. After finding a couple fly different remixes (two of which I went on to dance to), I downloaded his free mixtape "Indigo Child" and was pretty blown away. For the first couple months this tape was out I listened to it in full pretty much everyday.

Raury's sound varies from being very hip hop on songs like "Woodcrest Manor" to at times very worldly and organic like "Superfly" and "God's Whisper" (his biggest single push). The concept of the mixtape is cool - Raury is basically arguing with his Mom about his lifestyle and they are talking at cross purposes as Raury is just explaining that he's young and ready for anything but his Mom is claiming that he's not as ready as he thinks he is and that his number one support system will always be his Mom. I found this to be a pretty relatable subject for myself personally as well as any teenager gearing up to become an adult. So click the album artwork to go download the mixtape if you're in to some of the things I listed above, I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Couldn't even believe this dude was only 18...also he always wears a safari that's cool.

I will definitely be posting a fully produced video of one of his remixes later at some point this year but in the mean time here's a freestyle I did going back a few months that you probably completely missed even if you spend time searching my videos.

The version I'm dancing to above is the Flosstradamus Remix of Raury's "God's Whisper"

(and I just found out Flosstradamus is from Chicago so...that's tight.)