No. 10: Learn With Me - Cinematography Workshop

If you watched and are a fan of my most recent video (first video off of my dance mixtape) and Megan Batoon's last dance video that I directed than you are automatically a fan of Jon Shih and Gerald Nonato. These guys have been making quite the impact and buzz with both their quantity and most importantly quality of their work. And lucky you (if you live in the California area) they are going to be teaching a cinematography workshop where you can learn a ton of things on the more technical end of what makes our videos look so great. 

Seriously if you have the time I would highly recommend going to learn something, even if you are just a dancer or choreographer, as many people have no idea what it takes to learn how to properly produce professional quality content.

The more I become a serious film maker the more I realize that if you want anything done correctly its not only twice as hard but probably 50,000 times as hard to do it the right way instead of settling and thinking whatever you can get is cool. But more often than not - all the stress and possibility of turning premature grey will all be worth it. Knowledge is power and the more you have the better off you will be. So go check this out if you get the chance.