No 12. Watch With Me - Trevor Takemoto

Bonnaroo 2014

Bonnaroo 2014

As you can tell I'm really big on paying attention to things that are great BEFORE they are popular. Anyone can just like something once everyone is already telling them its great but seeing a seed growing into a fully blossoming flower takes commitment. And I think I've done a pretty good job with taking this dude under my wing. This is part 'happy birthday' post and also part 'go watch his newest video and tell your friends about him before they're telling YOU about him a couple years from now' Going back three years I've been training this dude pretty hard but I would never imagine taking all the credit for the things coming his way now. He has trained VERY hard for many years all over the country under every choreographer you can think of and has absorbed it all like the lil sponge he is. haha. If you pay close attention you can catch him for the first time in one of my videos going back to last year when I did "Berzerk" by Eminem. But he has already grown IMMENSELY since then and I'm so happy he's getting some of the recognition he deserves while also staying hungry for the future.

So go watch his journey - and stay tuned. Three years ago he was just another student taking my class, that could be you too. So start hustling!

Trevor Takemoto

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