No. 14 - Watch With Me : Jillian Meyers & Hozier create: “Work Song”

I’ve been very inspired recently by the amount of opportunity that has been offered to a lot of starving artists that are hungry for a chance to show that we are in fact capable of stepping up to the plate and  hitting it out of the park. Yes, I am aware of all the different things that sentence tried to be…but I’m just THAT overwhelmed with some of the cool things in the world these days. When I was a kid growing up I started to see that the higher you climb the ladder of success the harder and harder it gets towards the top. But it was only in the past couple years I’ve realized that there really isn’t a top - the top is when you are so completely consumed in happiness of what you are creating that you don’t know what’s up, down, left, or right.

But I can say one thing that is definitely right…Jillian Meyers and her collaboration with “Take Me to Church” artist Hozier. Jillian actually told me about the beginning of this project while we touched base on a Pulse On Tour job and I couldn’t have been happier to see everything she talked about come to fruition.

From my understanding via…internet…and real words from Jillian’s mouth, Jillian was a fan of Hozier’s work going awhile back and when you like someone’s work and feel inspired there is no better thing to do than create. In the short version of this story Jillian went on to create this amazing original video hoping to grasp the eye of the artist himself while also inspiring the rest of the world (by default of it being awesome) and posting it on youtube.

Sure enough, (as if you didn’t see this coming by this point) magical internet things happened and Jillian had the amazing opportunity to closely collaborate and recreate her amazing original piece for the OFFICIAL video of the same song with Hozier himself.

Hopefully this inspires a bunch of you guys out there as much as it inspired me. And hopefully this inspires you to use the technology we are fortunate enough to have for cool things. Go out there and get creative! Thanks Jillian for the inspiration, the cast and crew that probably pulled this together for way less money than you’d think, and to a great artist like Hozier for recognizing other art and talent out there. Also a big shout out to my boy Jack Mackenzie for killing this video with Jillian, known you for so long man and it's so great to see your talent being recognized by so many people - love you my very sweetly British friend.

Jillian Meyers

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