NO. 15 - Have Fun With Me: Spend Time With The OP Bandits

From L to R: Charlie, Frankie, Ian, James, Sean

From L to R: Charlie, Frankie, Ian, James, Sean

Some people say you'll meet your best friends in college...and I'm not someone to disagree with that and I'm not opposed to finding friends at any moment in life. But sometimes people are lucky enough to maintain friends they have had since their childhood. I consider myself one of those very lucky people.

This past week and half I've been able to spend 100% of my time with the same childhood group of friends that really showed me at a young age what real friendship is all about. I know a video won't do it justice but I took a compilation of random things throughout our weekend trip to San Diego and couldn't stop smiling when I paired them with a few of the songs we played non stop for a week and a half. I felt so at home when these boys where here, and that was so cool since we were half way across the country from where all our original shenanigans took place. One thing I really learned this week was that when you're with people that really like you just because they like you - a lot of your worries subside and all you can think about is laughing, supporting, having fun, and making memories. I hope you guys smile at least once, and enjoy this very special video:

Starring The OP Bandits

Sean Mallers (known since 8th grade), Charlie Foreman (known since 9th grade), James Davidson (known since 8th grade), Frankie Picchiotti (known since 1st grade), Livvie Pickren (known since 8th grade), Megan Batoon.