man, i don’t think i could be any more proud of a group of people!

how this performance came together : its natural that when i come home to chicago i always want to do something for the city. but naturally when you’re never anywhere longer than two weeks at a time it can be challenging to build things in places without the proper resources. but seeing as i’ve been coming to chicago for the last 6 years several times a year since i moved at 18 i thought it was time to assemble the resources i have and build the foundation of a team. a program to help build the community back up here in chicago in a way that is pushing boundaries. Young Lions Chicago was selected based off the combination of who I’ve seen grow over time as well as who is a good fit for the hard hustle yet humble approach that i believe to be the spirit of a hungry young lion. I never thought i’d be able to create an entire solidified group of people but with the gracious help of monyett, pause, lil bit, & walter. we were able to not only create this group but also teach, stage, and clean this number in only THREE REHEARSALS. 

another big main point to note in this set is that i only have ONE piece of choreography and the rest of the choreo is contributed by the team itself. the concept here was to give staging/cleaning techniques that myself and The Young Lions have created over time and experience doing jobs and working together in LA over the last year. under this mindset we were able to accomplish everything you see here in such short amount of time. (LAST SPECIAL NOTE: I MADE THE JUKE MIX OUTRO FOR THE SET MYSELF! just some drums i programmed but it was pretty dope to have a brand new crew closing out a show in chicago with some juke drums i programmed over a cool kids beat haha).

CHOREOGRAPHY : (All Midwest Artists)

1ST SONG - JOEY PURP : “Morgan Freeman”
Choreography - Walter Maybell

Choreography - Monyett Crump

3RD SONG - THE COOL KIDS : “Too Smooth”
Choreography - Ian Eastwood

JUKE OUTRO - PROD. : Ian Eastwood
Choreography - Pause Eddit & Lil Bit

Ray nguyen
Hazael Castillo
Tristan DeVries
Kaylyn yang
Nishil Mudingonda
Cole Nordbrock
Kendall green
Max saron
Jalyn Watson
Walter Maybell
Saadat Maksat
Chris Zarate
Enoch Kim
Alan Freitag
Terry turner
Jason Turner
Pause Eddie
Lil Bit (Donetta Johnson)
Monyett Crump
Ian Eastwood


"blessed" - daniel caesar

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions

theres so much that went in to the planning of this video i wish this description could do our effort justice. but i will just touch on it briefly. after doing world of dance with my crew in some ways i felt we were on a roll that i never felt, and in other ways i felt like over the years i had cool ideas within dance but have always kept my structure relatively safe. maybe it was because i was focused on learning different aspects of film/dance etc. but i had been talking to a few people that really mean a lot to me and it became apparent that if i wanted anything to change about the way i felt about my own work that i really needed to push myself and schedule and take the appropriate time to do so.


first came the inspiration, haven’t gotten my feelings out like this since eryn’s “have mercy” and even that was a completely restaged version of a two year old piece. so its been a minute since i’ve dug this deep from scratch. had to go through some things, almost lose some, and had to grow enough to be able to create about how i felt. i’d say the song hit me at the perfect time from the moment i heard it on a car ride to pick up someone i truly love from the airport. i knew right then i needed to get this inspired creativity out.


next came preproduction, two creative meetings with the young lions core crew, two choreography sessions, & 1 location scout, two rehearsals, and 1 shoot day later we had a video. the team all accomplished multiple jobs on this video to give it it’s organization and flow to be the best video it could be. this was a strategy created through experience having to do these jobs on a real music video we produced with lido & they. this summer.


i can honestly say that this two minute piece is probably one the most authentic representations of how i’d like myself to be seen as an artist as the years move forward because it all came together in the most natural fluid manor that art should be created within. i think the key this time has been trusting all these beautiful creatives and souls i’m surrounded by in this video to just be themselves within the overall idea and i’ve never felt better getting to see them all shine.


FUN FACT : this is a TRUE ONE SHOT. no post production effects have been added to this video in anyway besides color. and we didn’t even decide that this video would be a one shot until we were on set and did two rehearsal run throughs, we watched it on camera and tweaked and heightened moments due to the feeling that any cuts would stop the feeling of fluidity and natural visual progression we have building throughout the video.


DIRECTOR : Ian Eastwood

CAST : Bong Buno, Trevor Takemoto, Hugh Aparente, Anthony Westlake, Ian Eastwood, Connor Gormley, Isaiah Baluyot, Idaliz Cristian, Jacob Dimenstein, Josh Price, Marie Spieldenner, Richard “Swagg”, Shannon Kelly, Julian Deguzman, Eddie Mandell



STYLING : Hugh Aparente

PRODUCER : Bong Buno & Ian Eastwood


COLORING : Bong Buno

SPECIAL THANKS : Tessandra Chavez, Eryn Koehn, Peter & Julia Eastwood.


The Young Lions Podcast

Episode 1

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions X American Eagle

"Can I Kick It" - A Tribe Called Quest

Ian Eastwood X SuperCr3w

"Not Enough"

Lido feat. THEY.

Directed, Choreographed, Edited by : Ian Eastwood

video Block
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Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions

"Hot In Herre"

World Of Dance

Extended Cut

"Mo Money Mo Probelms"

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions

Haim : "Want You Back"

Choreo By: Ian Eastwood | Directed by : Jake Schrier

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions


World of Dance

Extended Cut

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions


Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions

"Origin Story"

The Young Lions | "LOVE." Kendrick Lamar

CHOREOGRAPHY BY : Ian Eastwood & Trevor Takemoto

story : this one was pretty crazy. the album dropped, liked this song and a couple others the most but planned on doing this song. while i was in australia i saw trevor’s small excerpt of the piece he put on instagram from when he taught at the dojo to this song. when i saw it i hit him up and decided there was no point to do it cause trevor killed it. then when i came home i chilled out for a couple days and met up with trevor. while we were out for the day i asked him if he had finished the piece. he actually had gaps in his piece. so i offered to fill in the gaps and do a collab video. the same day we hit up hugh and bong to schedule a rehearsal for the next day.

at some point the day of our first rehearsal we all realized over text that we might not be able to shoot this video for awhile considering people had conflicting schedules and i was leaving out of town the next day…most people would postpone the video…but we decided to take this as a challenge.

i choreographed all my sections starting at 3pm, confirmed gerald to shoot sometime between then and rehearsal starting at 5. we had no plans of anything, figured out how to make something work that was easy for wardrobe, started teaching everything to each other at 5. cleaned and staged the piece as it was being taught. took a 30 minute break (which bong used to go home and get clothes to match us since he was coming straight from work.) by 10:30 Trevor and I choreographed the chorus and figured out a rough ending. As we were finishing this section Gerald set up lighting right outside the walls of the studio. At 11 we started shooting and man was it tough to shoot a piece we had only finished 30 minutes prior. Probably one of the longest shoots we had due to just not knowing the piece hahaha. BUT we made it through, wrapped at 2am, and i chopped the vid up by the end of the next day. 

the goal of telling everyone this story is to show you all that things may not be perfect but if you have determination to push through you will see results and you will grow from them. everything comes down to perspective and the best perspective to have is the HUSTLE PERSPECTIVE! keep that shit movin y’all. see ya next video.


Ian Eastwood X Lil Dicky "Pillow Talking"

yet again a video that i’m completely honored to be a part of. can’t say enough great things about this guy dave and his manager mike. although my job wasn’t nearly as daunting as anything else creatively in this video it felt phenomenal to be a piece in the puzzle. 

this collaboration came out of finding out about dave’s videos, being blown away, hitting him up on twitter to let him know i’d love to work with him if he ever needed any help on anything involving movement, getting connected to the camp through Pat Corcoran (chance’s mgmt.) and within a few weeks here I was giving Brain his moves. hahaha.

hope you guys enjoy the video as much as i enjoy it. truly brilliant, what a visionary! i hope this video surpasses everything dave had in mind for it! enjoy!


(p.s. shout out to elz the dj for helping brain hit dem folks too haha)

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions feat. Lido | URBAN PARADISE [2017]

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions : "Here" Asaiah Ziv & Xavier Omar

Same Drugs

Ian Eastwood Remix

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions : "Happy Valentine's Day" - Outkast

Ian Eastwood + The Young Lions : "The Space Program" - A Tribe Called Quest

Ian Eastwood & Young Lions : "Diddy Bop" - NoName

Choreography for "July" [Kris Wu] Music Video 

Directed by : Colin Tilley

Creative direction + Choreography for "16 Shots" [Vic Mensa]

Jimmy Kimmel Live Performance

11 | 7 | 16

All Photos Taken or Colored by : Ian Eastwood

Creative Direction & Photography on "16 Shots" [Vic Mensa]

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions : "24K Magic" [bruno mars]

"Rise Up Together"

Ian Eastwood

"Rise Up Together" (Directors Cut)

Marian Hill - "I Want You" music video

directed, choreographed, colored by : Ian Eastwood

Ian Eastwood's : "Dang!" Mac Miller feat. Anderson .Paak


9 /// 24 /// 16

Ian Eastwood Photo Diary

Canon X Vice

Ian Eastwood's : "Doubt It" [Super Duper Kyle]

wod live at universal citywalk

9 /// 9 /// 16

Ian Eastwood's : "Go Off" [MIA]


Shooting with Teen Vogue

Stopped in with Teen Vogue to do a shoot for a day and this was the result! Click on the link here to read the full article on me and the other 11 really cool up & coming young artists that I was lucky to be featured with.

Choreographing VIXX's "Dynamite"

DAncing/Choreographing Chance The RApper's "Angels"

As always I feel that it is such an honor to be getting down with and continuing to collaborate with my favorite artist in the game right now. It always makes me really happy and feel lucky when I get an opportunity for most things but working with Chance is always different. I end up not only pleased with the work that I personally put in but instead I just feel an overwhelming happiness by being surrounded by so many talented individuals that are happily doing what they love for a living. I'm left speechless with each experience I get to have with Chano and the entire team. A big shoutout goes to Austin who directed the hell out of this video and gave me the call to come through and help out that day. Thank you Austin thank you Chano. And thank you to all the dancers that killed it on the train that cold ass day!

Video I Directed for Cat Cogliandro

I was really happy to work recently with the great artsy and quirky as hell Cat Cogliandro. I've been telling her since I met her a couple years ago that she needed to professionally get her work shot...didn't think that it would necessarily be me to shoot and direct it but I'm really glad it worked out that way. We worked really hard on this video so I hope you embrace all of its weirdness.

Bonus Track From Adultlessons


Adultlessons: Track 10 - "Outro"

Artwork By: Peter Eastwood & Julia Latoria-Eastwood

Adultlessons: Track 9 - "Sunday Candy"


Adultlessons: Track 8 - "Only One"


Adultlessons: Track 7 - "Interlude"


Adultlessons: Track 6 - "U Don't Have To Call"


Adultlessons: Track 5 - "Down On My Luck"

Artwork By: Peter Eastwood

Adultlessons: Track 4 - "Cigarette Song"


Adultlessons: Track 3 - "Chivalry Is Dead"


Adultlessons: Track 2 - "Just Wait"


ADULTLESSONS:  Track 1 - Intro

Artwork By: Peter Eastwood & Julia Latoria-Eastwood


Justin Bieber - PURPOSE THE MOVEMENT: "No Pressure"


Wow, truly truly honored to have been a part of this project. Rewind a couple weeks ago - I was just on the verge of finding a home and working out some details for my dance mixtape that went into production in January and coming up on one year since its original planning...I got a direct message from Parris wanting to connect with me about something. I was busy at the time just starting the YL courage tour and catching some shows with Chance so it took us a little while to connect. I remember thinking to myself..."this must be something pretty dope cause Parris is a phenomenally capable artist with such a specific vision and I can't imagine her wanting collaborate with lil ole me who is so different from her unless it were for something really different. " Sure enough we connect and Parris explains that she is essentially making a visual dance project for the likes of the entire Bieber project following up her explanation with a "does any of that make sense?" AND MY BRAIN EXPLODED AND ALL I COULD SAY WAS "YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE'RE SO DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME PERSON THIS IS INSANE", Parris of course was so confused hahaha until I explained further what I've been working on for the past year. Anyway - I just couldn't believe Parris thought of me specifically for this track, I was truly and am still truly honored. Parris has created with some great artists on this project and trust me when I tell you this is literally ONLY the beginning for her as a choreographer & director. This project will open  so many doors for her and eventually people like her and myself can someday live the dream of creating our vision on a big scale without having to answer to anyone.

I choreographed this piece in only a few short sessions (missing from this video is choreo through the Big Sean verse that we swapped out because we were lucky enough to actually get his cameo in the video, but we may eventually release an extended dance cut) with Trevor Takemoto as my assistant to make sure none of my choreography decisions were stale and up to my usual standard as I was under a lot of other choreography pressure from other projects. I arrived to set to work with Parris literally a few days before the video's release with my choreo sight unseen by her and I was SO thrilled that she was happy with the choreography and my performance.

We had amazing flow of creativity while shooting this video and much of the concept came to us on the fly, and we were forever grateful for Megan B. to pull through when inspiration struck us last minute.

On a separate note, as much fun as shooting this video was I have to say my favorite moment of the shoot day was when we had a bit of a longer break and I got to show Parris Adultlessons in its entirety. I won't go into any detail as to what her reaction was but I will say that it was a massive moment of validation for me that I had created something special. I have had a lot of really great reaction to the project but nothing that special yet, so I can't thank Parris enough for taking the time to watch it and talk to me about it. Furthermore, I can't wait for you...yes YOU to see it as it is drawing nearer and nearer to its release and with Parris' beautifully executed dance short film paving the way, I think the world (at least some of the world) will be more than ready for Adultlessons the World's First Dance Mixtape.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy what we've created here: 

Supervising Choreographer on Hayley Kiyoko's "Cliffs Edge"

This video was an insane experience - Hayley actually contacted me herself about doing this video which is always nice to hear directly from the artist themselves. I was immediately on board as she had hit me up last year to work on something and timing just didn’t work out and in the meantime since last year I had started hearing her music on Spotify randomly and already liked it. The final deciding factor came after I watched her “Girls Like Girls” video that I absolutely LOVED. We talked creative and started having rehearsals a couple days later. We got some phenomenal dancers ready, B-Dash, Jordan Ward, & bone breaker Slick. Once we got to set things were as crazy as you could imagine. Being in the water in this video was freezing and we could only get a few dance takes due to the guys muscles getting too cold and tensing up. Hayley being the trooper she is spent the majority of her day in the water, still don’t know how she did it! Later on we went to shoot the dance scene in front of the Church (where you see the guys freestyling) unfortunately due to a time constraint we didn’t get enough coverage of that scene to put all the choreo in the vid. Still beyond proud of this video and hopefully I get to work with Hayley again, it was a pleasure. Thanks for believing in a fellow artist Hayley. Another vid under my belt for the year, yay!

??? New Video ???

Directing Megan B.'s Newest Video

Let me start this post by saying I am SO proud of my Megan B. - she is always feeling although she is not doing cool enough stuff (which is wrong) and she had a vision for this piece going back 8 months ago. She waited, and waited very patiently for all the stars to align in order for us to shoot this video. But the determination didn’t stop there, Megan and I have been editing this video now for 3 weeks. Even though the concept seemed relatively easy to achieve at the end of the day we are still self taught and amateurs at what we do when it comes to editing, so a lot of the things you see in this video are all things we have tried for the first time…with a computer trying to handle sometimes 7 or 8 layers of 4k footage being processed at once.

Megan’s determination has further inspired me on the patience of my own upcoming projects and I can’t thank her enough for that. I was so excited to make her vision for this video come to life the way I envisioned her brilliant writing. She is my partner in crime and I’m so happy that she has put the final finishing touches on this video so you can all enjoy it now.

Supervising Choreographer on The Film 'Breaking Through'

The release of this film was kinda surreal. I had taken the job when I felt like my knowledge of film and dance were just starting to take shape so it was really interesting to see some of the decisions I made as a choreographer as well as look back on some fond memories and see my actual choreography featured on the big screen for the first time. The cool thing about the release of this film is that you can also download or rent it or own it on iTunes already!

Thank you again John for trusting me with all the dance in this video I learned more than you can imagine. It has shaped all my knowledge to be able to do what I’m doing today in fact with Adultlessons. Enjoy the film guys, can’t believe it’s out!

Rent or Buy The Film Here!

Co-Directing, Editing & Dancing in Lando Wilkin's New Video

Making this video was hysterical. I’ve had a great time recently reconnecting with a great friend of mine Lando Wilkins. I’ve known  for years now that he has a very obscure but really cool mind, as well as a very even keeled mindset in general. During our recent hang outs I had agreed to get down in one his videos, our talks spun into how to creatively execute his concept without it being too overbearing. We thought about the things that were funny and cheesy about dance videos and ran with it.

The day we got to the shoot we had a lose story line planned and knew that we were all goofy enough to pull off some funny improv moments. However, almost all the ‘jokes’ ended up being very meta editing jokes that came to us as we were working out the scenes shot by shot.

The video was an incredibly collaborative process, filled with all of us pitching wild suggestions and supporting each other and heighten each other’s ideas. The coolest part about this video for me…was that I just had a ton of fun…and almost equally as much fun editing it. I’ve been working on my mixtape for the past nine months as many of you know and I’m so excited for it but this was a much needed creative break to focus on something that I just got to have so much fun with my friends and be goofy. Please enjoy it, I hope you laugh like we did.

Supervising Choreographer on The NBHD's "RIP 2 My Youth"

This video was way too much fun. Got a call super last minute to be a part of this thing with some heavy hitters, The NBHD (Who you might know from their huge single “Sweater Weather”) & Hype Williams (If you don’t know this music video directing legend look at his videography here). That being said I was super excited to pull this thing together for them as the “Supervising Choreographer” on set as well as a dancer.

After pulling together some of my favorite dancers: Ade Willis, Anthony Westlake, Shaq Reed, Cat Cogliandro, & Kevin Konkrete Davis we were all super geeked to get on set and start dancing. The concept was simple, essentially all we had to do was be ready to bust whenever Hype gave us the green light along with some stylistic dance notes from myself. The first half of the day we ended up dancing down a freshly constructed tunnel with what was still wet paint at the time (I have new pair of custom vans after the shoot haha). And the second half of the day was the full dance crew dancing with some stark lighting behind us. The whole middle of the day was spent with me and Hype getting super excited with the movement and style of Jesse’s performance shots.

I have too many nice things to say about this band and Hype, whenever we had free time the band was having a jam session and us dancers got to freestyle while they were jamming, it was an awesome exchange of art to say the least. Hype was so welcoming, and got us Hype…haha. I learned so much as a director being around this legend, the amount of experience and knowledge he has to stretch every single thing around him and get the most out of it is amazing. In my opinion, he took The Neighbourhood aesthetic of the black and white imagery and brought it to a whole new level, which they are very deserving of because they are great dudes and they are leveling up their music! Hopefully this is only the beginning. Enjoy.

Directing 'The Carmichael Show' Title Sequence

Jerrod & I at a private screening of 2 of his recent episodes.

Jerrod & I at a private screening of 2 of his recent episodes.

If you’ve been on my website a couple times I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about a great comedian friend of mine Jerrod Carmichael. In the short amount of time that I’ve known Jerrod he’s already been in a major motion picture (Neighbors), gotten an hour long special on HBO (Love At The Store), and most recently gotten the green light for his NBC sitcom - The Carmichael Show. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of this guy because although you haven’t met him I am here to tell you all he is the most humble and kind hearted person I’ve met in quite a long time.

Over one of our many breakfasts, it came to both our attention that Jerrod needed a title sequence for his upcoming sitcom. He loved the feeling of the “Sunday Candy” video I had just got done co-directing and choreographing so we thought it’d be a natural pairing. So before long I was submitting my treatment to actually direct an NBC sitcom title sequence, I couldn’t believe it.

Things kept moving forward and everyone I talked to in Jerrod’s office was super nice and super appreciative of my idea for the title sequence and before I knew it, the idea was approved and I actually got to direct/choreograph the title sequence for the show! It was so exciting to be a part of such a great team of actors and tv industry professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience. And the best part of it all was that everyone loved the final result! Whew, what a good feeling, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous that I’d make a good impression.

So as the first season of the Carmichael Show comes to a close and NBC has already signed up for a SECOND season and I’m sure many more to come I’d like to thank Jerrod for believing in me and giving me another notch in my directing belt. Thanks bud.

If you haven’t watched the show here is a link to the Pilot episode where you can watch the title sequence I directed at 5:30 into the episode. (Look for my name in the end credits too!) Watch The Episode Here

^^^ The Treatment I Wrote And Submitted^^^

Choreographing Pulse Elite Proteges '15 "Wonderful, Everyday"

One of the highlights of my summer was setting this piece on my favorite group of dancers I’ve ever worked with. I remember when all these kids got selected as elites a full year ago and I couldn’t have been more excited to shape and mold them for the year and see the dancers and people that they would mature and turn into. I was not disappointed in any way possible. Even though it was hard to watch them pass on the torch to the new elites that I am also very proud of, I feel so honored that I was able to set this very special piece on them as they took the stage together for one last performance at the Pulse Gala 2015. This is also some of my proudest work because I was so excited to work with such skilled dancers.

What started as a joke of me choreographing the Elite piece slowly became a reality the more these kids nagged The Pulse staff. haha. Boy am I glad they did. I kinda started to panic the closer the time got because I really knew this needed to be special and I didn’t know what to do. Just in the knick of time while listening to my music on shuffle one of Chance & The SoX records came on. Arthur: Wonderful, Everyday - I knew immediately, this was it. Hope you guys enjoy this piece, it meant a lot to us. And to my Elite’s, this is only the beginning!

Choreographing 'Now Add A Dancer 5'

This Project was incredibly fun to work on. I always thought this concept was so smart when Dtrix dropped the first NAAD video and Phillip always does such an excellent job with the visuals (as I am not only a big Dtrix fan but also a Phillip Chbeeb fan) and I thought, “Man it would be really cool to work on this project sometime but they already got the formula on lockdown they’ll never even need me”. Well, about a month ago I got a call from Dtrix telling me that not only himself but also Phillip would be too tied up with ABDC to work on the next Now Add A Dancer installment so he was curious if I’d be down to work with him on it when he could find time in between his ABDC rehearsals.

Of course I agreed. Dtrix wanted the focus of this episode to be focused on kids so we called up the most talented kid we know, Kida (who I have been lucky enough to work with on several projects now), and a lot more friendly faces the internet has gotten to know pretty well. I hope you guys enjoy watching as much as we did shooting. Dtrix wrote most of the jokes I helped here and there with some concept and we co-directed it. I choreographed all the “choreography” sections you see and the part you would guess is a Kida freestyle…is a Kida freestyle. Enjoy the bloopers as well! Thanks again for having me Dom!

My Interview With FakeShoreDrive

^^^Potentially my favorite part of the article ^^^

^^^Potentially my favorite part of the article ^^^

This interview is crazy to me because I grew up following this blog when it very first started to stay updated with everything that was happening in Chicago. I especially realized I really needed this blog when I moved to LA because I was able to stay up to date with what the city was up to without having to bug my friends every ten seconds. So, having a moment where I got my own article in FSD where I get plug my own project coming out of Chicago my self…was pretty surreal. I know it may not be a big deal to everyone but this was a huge deal to me! Thank you Aaron for interviewing me and Andrew for creating FSD and putting us all on whats hot for years now.

Click Here to Read The Full Article

Dance Edit of SHINee "View" Music Video

On the heels of just finding out that "View" was the number 1 viewed Kpop music video of May SM just released an all new dance edit of the music video so you can see almost all the intricacies and staging I choreographed for the video. Hope you guys enjoy it, and I hope I get to work some more with SM I have excellent experiences thus far.

Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine

Can't believe at this point that it's been over a year since I was part of making this film. What a crazy experience that was. It's actually even been a long time since we shot this cover! I believe it was late Feb. or early March. Couple funny things about this photoshoot. 1. Me and my family came directly from a major snow storm in Boston where everyone's flights were canceled. 2. I knew I had to pack light because I would be traveling around a lot that weekend and didn't want to be weighed down by extra luggage. So I thought "If I need anything extra I'll just buy it in New York easy. But because of the snow storm we got in only a few minutes before the photoshoot started so I literally only had the clothes on my back and a couple other items that were even clean to work with for this shoot but I think the end results came out pretty well. Enjoy!:

Click Here To View The Full Article

Rolling Stone

This was pretty cool, never thought my name would be in something on Rolling Stone. It was cool to tell my Dad the news, he was excited. Hopefully this is only the beginning. Forever grateful for the praise from this video - it just seems to keep coming. Thank you Austin, thank you Chance, thank you SOX, thank you Chicago. And yes, this is a message to make stuff with your friends that you believe in!

Click Here To Read The Full Article


Feature In New Megan Batoon Video

Really proud of Megan for getting out yet another great sketch. Written and edited by the beauty herself, we hope you enjoy your "Memory Day". As a side note I colored this video - starting to try and fine tune another skill of mine! ENJOY.

My Recent Interview with MTV

This has definitely been a crazy week, there are a ton of things in the works as we speak - and it's so cool to see articles like this come out. Here's an interview I did with Nadeska Alexis from MTV news. Thank you MTV, grew up watching MTV - crazy to see my name on the website. It's only the beginning I promise - check out excerpts from the interview here or click on the link to view the full article below.

My Recent Interview With Complex

Pretty recently I had a good chat with Caitlin from Complex and they just posted it, you can check out the excerpts bellow or click the link for the full article. I have to say, it was pretty dope seeing it published cause I actually get most of my news updates from Complex - so it was cool to see my stuff up there! Thanks again for the love Complex.

Choreography for the SHINee - "View" Music Video

Crazy day...while in the works for another project I went on Twitter to find that this video had dropped - I had a great time working with this record and was excited to choreograph for the entire group after getting to choreograph for Taemin last year. Fun fact I started choreography on choreography for this project only one day after getting back from shooting "Sunday Candy" in April.


"Sunday Candy" - Behind The Scenes

Video By: George

My First hand account...

Choreographing & Co-Directing "Sunday Candy"

I can’t say enough about this video…so I’ll take it a chunk at a time. Usually I can’t give out too much info on projects I took part in but due to my heavy involvement this one is a little different. This project kind of took its first step when the SOX boys released this song back in November for the Holidays, I choreographed to it then and taught it for a charity workshop during Christmas. Time went by and around mid February I got a call from Austin saying it just so happened that they were doing a video for "Sunday Candy" and wanted my involvement. At this point me and Chance were supposed to work together a couple times after I first posted my video to “Good Ass Intro” last year…nothing had worked out yet but I knew it was building toward something bigger.

Finally I made it home to the Chi for some meetings for the video and the reality of it started to hit me. I met a lot of Austin’s assembled team and now it was time for me to assemble my dance squad haha. You can’t have a Chicago dance video without whats new from the city, boppin, and Chance already had D-Low down and on lock, I was super excited about that because I had been watching the D-Low shuffle since it came out haha. But of course you DEFINITELY can’t have dancing in a Chicago music video without paying homage to Chicago Footwork so I rang up my family from Footwork Kingz, Pause Eddie and Lil Bit (if you watch a lot of my work you’d recognize them from my WOD Chi performance). I scooped up two up and comers that have been training hard and you’ll recognize from my “Only One” video - Monyett Crump & Domino Johnson. And of course I grabbed my two boys for life Ade Willis (originally from the Chi) and Trevor Takemoto to help assist me. You can catch both these boys all over my videos. And for the finale of the video I got a lot of the Chicago dance community to come out so they can get a taste of what it’s like on set for a big music video like this, and I’m so grateful they pulled through for me.

Next came the rehearsals, held at our very own Chicago studio theLab this is where everything really started to take shape. This is where we knocked out all the sections separately: the footwork/bop section, the second verse with my bench squad The Social Experiment boys themselves - Stix, Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, and the man himself Donnie Trumpet, the second chorus where Chance joins us in LEGIT CHOREO, and last but not least the finale. This was all done in only two rehearsals.

Next came dress rehearsal day. Everything seemed to hit us all in waves - when we arrived and saw the set it got that much more real. People’s dreams coming to life in front of our eyes. Here we choreographed the first verse and took the rest of the entire day for camera, set piece, dancer, & cast transitions.


Shoot day…no words…still.

Next day, sadness and emptiness after feeling it was all over. But excitement for the world to see what we had worked so hard on.

Release day. Today has been the best day I’ve had in awhile…I’m so glad everyone has been able to share our happiness we had while creating something so cool, just cause we wanted to. I have never been so proud of a project…and today was particularly a big day because I now have received my first official music video co-directing credit thanks to the very humble Chance and Austin Vesely. I’ve said a thousand times that words can’t describe how amazing I feel after today but hopefully those words helped you feel that much more a part of what we did. Now all that’s left to say is… enjoy:

Photography By: Peter Eastwood

LA Screening of High Strung

Last year I was lucky enough to get a part in my first feature film, High Strung directed by Michael Damian. Believe it or not, coming in just under the year end mark since we shot the film you can come to a private screening of the film here in LA. I will be attending myself anxiously waiting to see how my first on screen attempt went...only time will tell haha. Just got word from Michael that he will be sending event invitations to the first 30 people that fill out the form below with their email and full name. Hope to see you there this Monday!

Name *


Pretty honored to have been a part of this video let alone be the lead choreographer on such a great & well received project. Who would've thought we'd ever beat Beyonce? Thanks again to Donald & Hiro for being so great work with on this project. And thanks to Flying Lotus for the humble shout out.

Scouting Talent for Special Project with Chance The Rapper

This weekend I will be teaching alongside Ms. Megan Batoon here in Chicago...and due to these workshops taking place in the Chi I will be scouting talent for a special project I'm working on with my boy Chance The Rapper. Hopefully we see you guys there:

Grammy Award Winning Singer Patti Austin Digs My Work

This was a pretty awesome moment for me, as just that day I was going through a little doubt over whether what I was striving hard to accomplish will make a difference...and just as I had put on some jazz music to calm down I looked down at my phone to this amazing notification from this amazing songstress that really clearly had connected to my artwork. And then the worth of what I'm doing really started to hit me. If not only contemporary artists of my time, and hopefully artists of the future, but artists in generations older than mine can appreciate what I do...especially outside of my specific art form...I must be doing something right. Not to mention that my Dad (A jazz musician playing Trombone, Euphonium, and Trumpet) and my Mom (a major fan of female jazz singers and quite the singer herself) COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE PROUD OF ME, who woulda thought that someone they listened to in their youth would like their son's work some day. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Hopefully some dancing to Patti's amazing work will take place soon, if you get the chance check out her music whenever you can. Thanks again Patti for not only making my day but my parents as well. I'll keep working hard!

"Sober" Nominated for MTV Woodie: Best Video

This is pretty awesome news to wake up to. Just last year I was hearing Chance got a woodie at SXSW and watching a clip of my boy Vic perform, this year the video I did with Donald and Hiro is actually nominated itself. Sometimes when you're creating you get so excited about what you're making, you forget other people are actually going to watch it - Pretty awesome, glad people like it. We are also nominated against some fire - Vic's video "Down On My Luck" (amazing video), as well as another video directed by Hiro and choreographed by Keone and Mari Marid (my favorites) for their Flying Lotus video. So get you're voting fingers ready...this is an honor.



Next video for Adultlessons 

2/11/15 - 8am CST

Appearance in new Megan Batoon Video

Solving Your Valentine's Day Problems

Trust me - we had just as much fun filming this video as you did watching it. Who doesn't love a fun topical (arguable) holiday video? Super proud of what we put together on this video - Yet again Megan steps it up with her writing and is really coming into her own shoes as one. With combining a new and improved vlog-skit-vlog etc. styled video, I think you'll find yourself relating to a lot of sections of this video. Enjoy and happy V-Day.

Sold Out Masterclass at Millennium

Over this last week I taught my first class in LA in over a year and a half. The class was completely sold out the night before and the energy was through the roof. I had an amazing time. Besides dancing amongst some really talented kids and giving them as much of myself as I can in an hour and a half, this class was INCREDIBLY special to me because the artist himself and a friend of mine Nico Segal aka Donnie Trumpet got to stop by and see what I had cooking up over his very own music. The aura couldn't have felt more magical. Thanks for a good time guys - and if you missed it, keep your eyes on this website for any upcoming tour dates.

First Video From Adultlessons Mixtape

Ian Eastwood Choreography | "Only One" - Kanye West


Midnight, CST


The World's First Dance Mixtape

Track Listing

1 - ???

2 - ???

3 - Chivalry Is Dead

4 - ???

5 - ???

6 - ???

7 - ???

8 - Only One

9 - ???

10 - ???

Original Artwork By: Peter Eastwood

Calligraphy By: Julia Latoria-Eastwood

New Video Coming Soon

Yes, you can expect a new video very soon. My first video of the year is on its way and is currently in post production. The video takes place in my hometown Chicago, IL/Oak Park, IL and will feature both some family members and these two gentlemen with me in rehearsal (for their debut in one of my dance videos). Keep your eyes peeled for the release on all my social media as well as checking back with me here for more updates.

Photography by: Peter Eastwood

Choreographing The Childish Gambino "Sober" Music Video

Choreographing this video was easily the most fun I've had creating and collaborating amongst other artists in my career. This "job" (I hesitate to call it that because it never felt like a job for one second) felt like a dream. Maybe it was the bird flying out of Donald's pocket at 4am in a Zankou Chicken - or maybe cause it was snowing for some reason? But it mostly was due to the creative people I was surrounded by, particularly Donald & Hiro. I could write forever about how much fun I had but I'd rather let the content speak for itself. (Shout out to Dan the Man & Fam for pulling it all together and making it happen.)  

...And now I’m so high.
— Childish Gambino

13th Video to Hit 1,000,000

Today I was just informed by some great fans that I now have thirteen videos that have hit over a million views. This truly blows me away because not only is that awesome but I noticed that only one of those videos is a class style video. I really love class videos because you feel like you're in the moment with the choreographer and theres no fluff just the content so they have a lot of replay-ability. But I've strayed away from them over the years because I'm also equally interested in becoming a film maker. So what better scenario to take my dancing and pair it with my desire to tell stories with film?! I'm really excited that there have been that many people to take interest in something they have to sit and think about a little more - never thought that many people would care about what I have to say. Thank you all again so much.

The video to hit one million is actually a throw back to a couple years ago when I was on the road teaching with the world renown Quick Crew. I choreographed this dance FOR this video as I knew I would have a ton of fun filming it with these boys and this was the perfect song for that. I believe we shot this Czech Republic at a camp in between the crazy amounts of classes we were teaching but I'm super proud of how it turned out - I'm glad I still REALLY enjoy watching it - but it DOES really make me miss these boys.

Here's a couple throwback pics for the road.

All chicago themed set

This year at World of Dance Chicago I wanted to go all there was no better way to do it than do an all Kanye West set and feature Footworkingz. I don't think it can get anymore Chicago than that. I had the absolute time of my life, probably the best I've felt after walking off stage to date.

Cameo In Maya Angelou's - "Harlem Hopscotch"

Here's the official music video for Maya Angelou's "Harlem Hopscotch" directed by Nappytabs & featuring a bunch of other fun familiar faces. Even though it was a quick one I had a ton of fun on this project.

Directorial Debut

Very proud to say that this was my directorial debut OUTSIDE of my own work. Everyone please enjoy this naughty new Megan Batoon video.

Charity Workshop

Can't believe we raised $2300 this year for an absolutely incredible charity - 100% of the proceeds will be going to St. Jude hospital. Thank you to everyone that came out.