2"x2" Adultlessons Vinyl Stickers

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2"x2" Adultlessons Vinyl Stickers


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The idea of making the Adultlessons artwork into physical stickers sparked from some of my high school sticker bombing roots. As a younger kid I always loved graffiti, it blended two things I loved: art & hip hop. After learning a couple graffiti tricks from Mr. Wiggles (The hip hop god himself) and some lettering tricks from my parents, I took to the streets of Oak Park with some free postal stickers (the ones that say "to" and "from" with a whole bunch of blank space for tagging in between) and some of my own art. I wasn't ever daring enough to take to spray paint, but I enjoyed the small and manageable exhilaration of sticker bombing.

But it started to get really hard to sticker bomb with the art that was so personal to me on the postal stickers just to see it get torn down a couple days later. So, a couple years later I watched a Banksy documentary and discovered that Shepard Fairey (Obey) started his brand simply by sticker bombing his Obey logo all over New York. This inspired me in my junior year of high school to teach my self how to do the same. So I created a logo in the spare time of my digital imaging class, that logo soon turned into the Kub Skoutz logo - a crew name that originally stemmed from a joke between myself and Tucker Barkley. I started to print out the logo with the school's ink onto sticker paper I would buy (because the ink was super expensive) and then I would laminate them with contact paper (so the ink wouldn't run in the rain) and cut them out. The were ready to go. I had a ton of fun sticker bombing back in those days and some of those stickers are still standing around Oak Park 5 years later.

Since the entire goal of this project, Adultlessons, is to do something original and different. I decided that no idea was a dumb idea involving the marketing of this project. So please enjoy the artwork done by my father, and the calligraphy on it done by my mom and post these things where ever you want, and make sure you tweet me a picture (@Ian_Eastwood)!

The project is officially in post production and I'm so excited to show it to the world, but in the meantime if you're excited to see it, hopefully these stickers help your anxiousness. Spread the word, the project is coming. If you read this, if you wanna see the project, if you're gunna buy these stickers and put them places, or even just put 'em on your phone or your laptop, I really...really rock with you. Thank you.

 Mad Love,

Ian Anthony Eastwood