Adultlessons : The Gift Pack

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Adultlessons : The Gift Pack


(Shipping costs included) - This gift package could NOT be more exciting! Its packed to the brim with goodies.

The Shirt : I personally love this item because I designed it myself. On the front you'll find the Adultlessons hand written logo, designed by my Mother Julia Latoria-Eastwood. On the back you'll find the mixtape artwork itself painted by my Father Peter Eastwood as well as the 10 individual track paintings lined up right under the main painting. And last but not least on the left sleeve you will find the 7 adult lessons that are talked about in the mixtape in my very own hand writing. Very excited about this shirt...make sure you wash it inside out as the artwork is very fragile since it was printed with so many colors

The Bag : Perfect for a day at a theme park, beach, gym, studio. I personally use this bag a lot for those situations...sometimes I even pack this bag inside another bag so I can have it when I come back from trips with a couple new toys haha. All while sporting the project I've worked the hardest on to this date. Enjoy!

The Stickers : With what started as a creative guerilla marketing tactic for a very outside the box project like this mixtape has evolved in to a lot of people actually just wanting the Adultlessons stickers for themselves. With this gift package we figured you might be one of those people so enjoy! Decorate as you please!

The Custom USB : As you may already know I'm a big fan of making stuff different, and as someone that clearly supports me I wanted to throw in one last cherry on top. I personally got these Adultlessons Logo USBs designed and preloaded with the tape itself. Feel free to take the tape off and use it for school projects and make all your friends jealous that you have a way cooler USB than them...or still leave it on there and share parts of it with your classmates while you're procrastinating.


Thank you for the love and support,

Ian Eastwood.

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